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Why do I teach?

I teach because I have personally experienced the lasting impact of music in my life. I am aware that my ability to play the violin and deep appreciation for music was nurtured by my own violin teachers.

I believe music has the ability to help people find greater meaning and purpose in life. Words cannot begin to describe the joy I find in working with students and helping them find their own unique voice on the violin, and finding ways to help them express themselves.

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I offer lessons to all individuals, regardless of learning levels or experience. All are welcome!


Apart from teaching at Grand Valley State University, I hold a private studio in Grand Rapids, MI. I take students ranging from 5 years old to adults. Please message me if you would like to take lessons from me.

For those interested in attending Grand Valley State University... 

If you are a high school student seeking to take a complimentary prospective lesson, please email me at, or click the link below to book an appointment with me. I would love to meet with you.

Student Recordings

Please see below for recordings of past student performances from my studio.

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